Another "king of transfer"! Shanghai Metro line 18 has officially entered the construction stage

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The construction of the first phase of line 18 is under way, being a north-south underground giant. Recently, the first track of the line 1 standard was put into place, marking that the whole line officially entered the track engineering construction. The first phase of line 18 has been listed as a major construction project in Shanghai in 2019.The line has 26 stations, 10 of which are interchangeable with more than 10 lines, being another “king of transfer”.

The first phase of line 18 starts from Hangtou Station in Pudong new area in the south and ends at Changjiang South road station in Baoshan District in the north. Line 18 has 5 rail laying bases, namely Hangtou rail laying base, Huyu wind well rail laying base, Longyang road rail laying base, Yingao road rail laying base and Pingliang road rail laying base. The total mileage of rail laying is about 79 kilometers. In order to ensure the smooth development of the rail laying project, the project team planned in advance and took the initiative to complete the construction of Hangtou rail laying base in just over 20 days, carried out relevant tests, and applied new technologies and technologies to ensure the smooth completion of the first rail laying across the line.

In addition, line 18 12-standard Minsheng road station has recently achieved the main structure capped. Due to the limited construction site, Minsheng road station adopts segmented excavation construction. At present, the two Minsheng road station and Yanggao high school road station with the construction mark of 12 have achieved the main structure roof sealing. The roof was capped last year at Yang high school road station, where the transfer channel (with line 9) is being pushed by pipe-jacking.

Zhao yuan, head of CRRC, not long ago revealed that there will be 26 driverless trains on line 18. “Line 18 is fully autonomous and there is no driver's cab in the locomotive. The train is expected to be 'produced' in the second half of 2019.”

Direction of the line

The construction of line 18 is about 36.8 kilometers long, with 26 stations, all of which are underground lines, passing through three administrative regions, including Baoshan district, Yangpu district and Pudong new area.

The direction of the line is Changjiang south road, Hejiawan road, Guoquan north road, Guoquan road, Jiangpu road, Minsheng road, century park, Baiyang road, Lianxi road, Yuqing road, Junan road, and finally Hangtou town in Pudong new area. Along the route through Baoshan district, Yangpu district, Pudong new area and other three administrative regions of the densely populated areas.

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