Resonate with our Republic|Radio Shanghai 70th anniversary audio series——the evolution of the intro of Radio Shanghai

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On May 27, 2019, Radio Shanghai will mark its 70th anniversary. Born on the same day as New Shanghai and been at the same age as New China, Radio Shanghai has endured wind and rain for 70 years,taking it as its own duty to spreading positive energy.

Since March 18, Radio Shanghai has launched the program of " Resonate with our Republic——the 70th anniversary audio series of Radio Shanghai " in all radio stations, reliving the voice of radios once echoed in Shanghai. The series is synchronized with pictures and texts in the public number of Radio Shanghai and can be also listened to with the app of “Ajmidi” and “HuaXiaZi FM”

Now, just listen to me.

Because, where there is the voice of a radio, there would be a lovely story.

Every morning, this familiar melody will rise on time in accompany with the citizens of Shanghai, starting their new day. And that melody is, the opening song of 990 Morning News of Radio Shanghai. However.

what many people don't know is that this melody is actually derived from the Song of the New Fourth Army.

The original site of Radio Shanghai in 1949

Seventy years ago, Radio Shanghai was newly set. At that time, an opening song was needed in accompany with the new station. "The opening song was like a symbol, so it should be historic and inspiring. Considering these two factors, the Song of the New Fourth Army was our choice " recalls Gao Yu, former director of Radio Shanghai.

Chen Yi Square, the Bund, Shanghai

Chen Yi was the commander of the New Fourth Army and mayor of Shanghai
On August 3, 1949, the central broadcasting administration office telephoned back and agreed to use the Song of the New Fourth Army as the opening song of Radio Shanghai. The mighty and majestic Song of the New Fourth Army has since been transformed into "Shanghai’s morning song", which echoes in Shanghai.

No.2 East Beijing Road, former address of Radio Shanghai

This opening melody was deactivated during the period of the Great Cultural Revolution. In the early 1980s, Shanghai people's radio station started its career with great vigor and decided to resume the Song of the New Fourth Army as its opening song. Day by day, this melody became the opening song of Radio Shanghai’s renowned program "Morning News". To adapt to the social development, this melody is constantly renewed. Li Shijia, former deputy director of Shanghai radio station, has participated in the adaptation and production of Radio Shanghai's opening song and early news’ opening song for many times. He said, 'the song is solemn, steady and has the momentum of going forward, which is very representative of the pace of Shanghai.’

The opening song of 990 Morning News has been adapted for many times, but the Song of the New Fourth Army, which endowed with the spirit of the new fourth army, has not changed. And that also reflects the ever-progressing and passing-on spirits of Shanghai broadcasters.

Shanghai Broadcasting House

"As a member of the 990 Morning News team, we should not only inherit the history and honor of the program, but also carry it forward. We would stay loyal to news, record the everyday life of the city with our voices, and spread the positive energy of this era." said Liu Yunxian, one of the current producers of 990 Morning News.

Setting off again after 70 years’ march, Shanghai broadcasters, a disciplined and courageous team, will continue to follow The Times with high morale, accelerate the pace of integration and development, and bring positive influence.

Editor: Shan Wei

Responsible editor: Chen Min

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