Shanghai Sharks Knocked out of Playoffs without “the Omnipotent Jimmer”

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Tonight, the second game of the 8 for 12 knockout round of 2018-19 playoff of CBA was played. Shanghai Sharks returned home to face Beijing Shougang Ducks with a 103-117 lose, which was the testimonial match for Shanghai Sharks in this playoff.

technical statistics of Shanghai Sharks

Starting line-up of Shanghai Shark: Luo Xudong, Jimmer Fredette, Wang Tong, Cai Liang, Zhang Zhaoxu.

Starting line-up of Beijing Shougang Ducks: Fang Shuo, Wang Xiaohui, Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhang Zhuo, Hamilton.

The first quarter

The first quarter started with Hamilton’s free throw, and then Wang Tong scored with a tip-in. After that, Zhang Zhuo scored a 2+1 though his steal and attack , but Luo Hanchen scored 2+1 with a breakthrough as well. Then, Hamilton and Zhao Xiaochuan hit three-pointers in succession. After a halftime break, Zhai Xiaochuan won five points in a row, and Wang Tong get some scores. The first quarter ended with the Beijing’s leading with 26-18.

The second quarter

In the second quarter, Zhu Yanxi followed up with a three-point score, Hamilton scored on a tip-in, and again Beijing had a big lead of 9-0. After adjustment, Jackson broke back, and Shanghai Sharks finally scored with Scola’s free throw. After Zhai Xiaochuan got another three-point shot, the gap was widen to 20. Then Scola helped narrow the gap with continuously shooting. The second quarter ended with the Beijing’s leading of 59-47.

The third quarter

The competition kept going with the change of two sides. Beijing maintained a high rate of successful shoot. However, Shanghai did not play smoothly.Fang Shuo got a three-point shot. But after an adjustment, Zhai Xiaochuan and Jackson scored in succession. Once again, Beijing team widen the coring gap over 20. The third quarter ended with the Beijing team taking a 92-69 lead.

The fourth quarter

In the second quarter, Scola added a layup in advance and scored seven points in a row, Zhu Yanxi got a three-point shot, Wang Xiaohui got two got a three-point shots in a row, ending the game as a contest. After that, Shanghai Sharks introduced substitute players, and the score was settled at 103-117. Beijing qualified easily while Shanghai Sharks came to the end of the season.

Editor: Xiang Xiaowei

Executive editor: Yang Yechao

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