FM107.2 bases itself on story and traveling. Its Young Studio aims to detect beauty of voices and stories in traveling. FM107.2 shares the best stories and takes you to swan the world. Classic programs including Archive Disclosure, Serial Novel and Future Star equip the audience with insights into history, share people’s happiness and sorrow, entertain children with stories and provide the exciting thrillers. Here you will find useful traveling information, daily English conversations, unique stories and professional traveling tips. 


Ding Wei

【Recommended program】

Mellifluous Reading Time: 14:00-15:00

Qi Fang

Being Shanghai’s one and only radio program for children aged 3-10, Future Star has won the first prize of national children programs. It is vivacious and of children’s interest with sections of both long and short classic stories. Future Star provides a platform for children to present themselves. With exquisite background music and well-made content, the program, together with 6 offline activities every year, has won wide recognition from parents.

【Recommended program】

Future Star Time: 20:00-21:00