The Opening of 2021 Shanghai Radio Festival On May 23rd

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2021 Shanghai Radio Festival will be held from May 23rd to 29th. It’s the 100th  anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of China this year. Thus, we will hold a series of related events to pass on upward strength. 


2021 Classical 947 Chenshan Meadow Music Festival will be held on the same opening day. Intangible Medals—stories of communist party members, the excellence selection and exhibition of 100 programs, the opening ceremony of Shanghai Radio Art Center, AJMD Media Summit Forum—media convergence in coordinated development between regions, Light and Shadow Show of Trends in Chinese Traditions, Listening to Sounds of Blooming and National Radio Civil Program Seminar will be held during the festival.


Red-themed Events Celebrating the 100th Anniversary
There be two concerts to look forward to in Classical 947 Chenshan Meadwo Radio Music Festival. Yu Long and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will bring the Romantic French Night concert on May 22nd. 10 years ago, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra led by Yu Long gave their first performance. Today, They will return with romantic French music pieces. On May 23rd, Classical 947 and Shanghai Conservatory of Music will bring us the Long March Song Cycle. Liao Changyong, Zhang Guoyong, Huang Ying, Fang Chujian with famous hosts will review the Long March and pay tribute to those heroes sacrificed for the revolution.



On May 25th, Shanghai Media Group, JLNTV, Shanxi Media Convergence, YNTV, ZZTV and Qingting FM will initiate the exhibition of Intangible Medals—stories of communist party members. 100 episodes will be selected from hundreds of radio programs. The exhibition will be held from May 25th to July 23rd on hundreds of radio stations nationally to demonstrate the advanced deeds of modern communist party members.

Future Path of Radio as the Opening of Shanghai Radio Art Center
Shanghai Radio Art Center will open on May 24th. It’s designed to be the mark of media convergence development of Radio Shanghai. There are eight online live broadcasting studio and one 5D immersive theater with world-advanced sound and light tech in the center. An official announcement of all-round cooperation between Shanghai Radio Art Center and Mingju Group will be made at the initiation ceremony of May 24th.


The performance of Light and Shadow Show of Trends in Chinese Traditions, Listening to Sounds of Blooming will be on the stage of immersive theater at the night of May 24th. Five kinds of carriers will demonstrate five dimensional feelings in this immersive theater.


On May 28th, the opening day of Shanghai Radio Art Center, audience are expected to be here to witness various possibilities of radio. The event season of Shanghai Radio Art Center will also start on the same day, including City Brass the 19th Anniversary Concert, All About Musicals Live Show, Classical 947 Family Concert, Magnolia International Music Festival and Shanghai Campus Band Festival, etc.

Radio Shanghai in the Age of Media Convergence
The development of media convergence and is the latest trend right now. Radio Shanghai is actively making some improvement in this new age. The 7th AJMD Media Summit Forum theme as Media Convergence in Coordinated Development between Regions will take place on May 24th in Shanghai Radio Art Center. The representatives of provincial or city tv stations from the Yangtze River Delta Area, the Canton-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei City Cluster are invited to the forum. Leaders and professors from Fudan University, Communication University of China, Zhejiang University Of Media and Communications and Qingting FM and Byte Dance will give some deeper lectures and discussions about industrial layouts and talent trainings in convergence media from multi-dimensional perspectives.


TV and radio institutes across the nation have launched innovative civil news programs to build a bridge between people and the government. It’s the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our party this year and Express 990 has accompanied audience for 10 years. The very first important seminar will be held after the launch of Civil News on Air. The seminar under the theme of civil news in the age of internet and convergence media will take place on May 25th. We invite FM107, BTV, FM91.4, FM98.8 and other popular programs to share their experience. AJMD, Shanghai Radio Festival and Express 990 will co-exhibit the national excellent civil news programs.


The Sound of the Age and the Upward Strength
The first opening ceremony of Classical 947 Radio Chorus Festival will take place  on 15th and16th of May in Chenshan Botanical Garden. Under the theme of Sing our Chinese Dreams and Step into New Age, there will be Classical Red Concert during the chorus festival.


On May 26th, the second Voice of Future - Enterprise Innovation Practice Summit will initiate in Hongqiao area.


The Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Communist Party of China and the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Radio Art Center Concert will be held on May 27th.
The premiere of Musician Plans and the 1st Anniversary of 1234 Super Kids will show excellent performances and music works on May 29th.


In memory of the 100-year-hard-working and changing
A series of events and performances planned by Radio Shanghai,
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Communist Party of China!

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