2021 Chenshan Meadow Music Festival Get Your Early Bird Deal Now

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The largest-scaled outdoor music festival in Shanghai

On May 22nd and 23rd

Presented by Classical 947

2021 Bright Dairy·Rushi Chenshan Meadow Radio Music Festival

Tickets on sale now

From 10 a.m. April 30th

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Available from April 30th to May 6th

The following contains more details.

Last year, Chenshan Meadow Radio Music Festival was the first lager-scaled classical music concert in the world after the pandemic.




Music encouraged people to go back to work and inspired tons of fans. 






The charity concert invited those working heroes who fought the pandemic to relax and enjoy music with their families. 




It’s the 10th anniversary of the music festival this year. We hope you can be here to witness the great moment. 
At 6 p.m. on May 22nd of 2021
Romantic French Night
A Concert by Yu Long and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra


Ticket Price

¥350, ¥260, ¥180 

Package Discount

¥320 (¥180 for 2), ¥480(¥180 for 3),

¥460 (¥260 for 2), ¥680(¥260 for 3),

¥620 (¥350 for 2), ¥920(¥350 for 3),

Stage Highlights

Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the first-class conservatory of the world, will perform the Long March Song Cycle on the second day. It’s the 100th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party and 85th anniversary of the triumph of Chinese Red Army’s Long March, making this year quite remarkable. Classical 947 of Radio Shanghai will cooperate with Shanghai Conservatory of Music to review the Long March and pay tribute to those heroes sacrificed for the revolution.

This performance keeps the best cast of the premiere and improved in multimedia contents, main visual design, speaking guests, chorus and other aspects. We invited the best hosts of Radio Shanghai and the best docents of the party history museums of Site of the first National Congress of the Communist Party, Zunyi and Xibaipo to declaim the poems. The chorus are made of over 200 chorus singers from conservatories in Shanghai and other Yangtze River Delta Area.

The whole performance will be conducted by Zhang Guoyong, the famous conductor. Liao Changyong, the head master of Shanghai Conservatory of Music will lead the song Over the Snow Mountain Lawn. The all-star cast includes Huang Ying, Li Xiuying, Wang Kaiwei, Liu Ying, Huo Yonggang and Chen Chunyuan. Fang Shujian, Cai Chengyu and other student representatives will perform with their teachers.


At 2 p.m. on May 22nd and 23rd of 2021

Jazz Carnival on Small Stage

The music festival will show you the charm of Jazz. We invited jazz band of Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Zhang Xiongguan, the influential jazz guitar player and composer. Jazz music was born in New Orleans of America and can be traced back to blues and ragtime. Through all the music types, jazz focuses on improvisation and live performances.


Zhang teaches modern musician instruments and percussion in Shang Conservatory of Music. He will brough some classical jazz songs and his own works. Join us in this party of jazz and rhythms.


Early bird tickets on sale from 10 a.m. of April 30th

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