Chinese Opera Stars Performing Nationwide

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Chinese Tradition on Trend, Opera Stars Performing Nationwide

As the most important performance pf 2020 Great World Now Tradition and the 3rd Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival of Yangtz River Area, Chinese Opera Stars Performing Nationwide were on the central stage of Shanghai Great World, one of 2020 Shanghai Radio Festival Events.

Now has the similar pronunciation of celebrating in Chinese, express the idea of merging traditional culture into modern life and gaining innovative values without restrictions. It was also the final show after the performance tour in Yangtz River Area from Oct 1st to Oct 5th. The integrated opera performance presented by Radio Shanghai on Oct 6th as its charity opera program was the highlight. It’s the mid-autumn festival and national holiday together this year. There are many live opera shows in The Great World. Chinese Opera Stars Performing Nationwide was actually the greatest hit of the holiday performances. Audience said they definitely love it and quite enjoy the holiday vibes.

Our performers were from nine areas of China as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhe Jiang, Guangdong and Shanghai, with their local operas. All the programs were under the theme of celebrating including some intangible cultural operas.

The performance was hosted by The Great World, Radio Shanghai, National Opera Radio League and Huaihai Commercial Group.


On-site Photos



Little artists from Wenguang Art Group presented It’s Chinese New Year, Shanghai Opera to start the show.


Host Lists (from left to right)
Anhui Opera Radio Ruoshui
Henan Opera Radio Yueyang
Jiangsu Literature & Art Radio Bo Yixiao
Beijing Joy FM Shangyuan
Radio Shanghai Situ Chunchun
Radio Shanghai Zhang Minquan
Zhejiang Radio & Television Group Maqian
Tianjin Literature & Art Radio Xiaosi
Guangdong South Life Radio Weibin
Shanxi Opera Radio Qinyue

Legend of Snow & Wind, Henan Opera


Performed by Liu Yanli and Hao Chunyan

After almost 100-year successions and development, a great amount of Henan Opera artists created lots of classical works. Legend of Wind and Snow is among these works, once performed by Wang Xiuling, the national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage operas. This program was performed by Liuy Yanli, the first-class national actress, the apprentice of Wang, one of the 10 most famous opera artists and Hao Chunyan, a young talented opera actress.

Little Fight between the Couple, Qinqiangshuzi


Performed by Gu Boyue and Bai Jinxin

Beijing octagonal drum performers once used Qin instead of Sanxian. The change of instruments also changed the melody and style of this opera. Retaining the style of Qin with the accompaniment of Sanxian and Shuban (Chinese opera rap), Qinqiangshuzi was formed. The lyrics are often  colloquial and interesting with some Beijing historical culture and dialect. There is few Qinqiangshuzi performance nowadays because of the change of Beijing dialect and culture. This program was performance by Gu Boyue and accompanied by Bai Jinxin, two artists from Beijing Opera Troupe. 

Two Grinding the Mill, Wuxi Opera


Performed by Zhang Jieyun and Peng Yunbo

Wuxi Opera was originated from operas born in Changzhou. It is one of important opera kinds in Tanhuang System. Two Grinding the Mill tells the romance of a poor couple who were passionately in love with each other worked together to build a happy and prosperous life in ancient China. This opera was presented with singing and dancing. With the beautiful accompaniment of Laohuangdiao and Zizhudiao, Peng Yunbo and Zhang Jieyu, two young artists from Changzhou Xi Theater sang and danced to show the mill grinding part.

Meeting in the Buddhist Convent, Shanghai Opera

贝多芬歌剧《费德里奥》 作品72.jpg


Performed by
Yu Jianfu, Wang Baoping, Xu Qunfang
Ren Chimin, Zhang Jiajun, Lu Lifang

Shanghai opera also belongs to Tanhuang System. The part of Watching Drafin Boats in Meeting in the Buddhist Convent was performed on stage. An old couple were looking for their daughter and son in law on Dragon Boat Festival together yet with their own purposes and ideals. This program was co-performed by three couples of artists from Shanghai Wenhui Troupe. 


Couples Watching the Lanterns, Anhui Opera


Performed by Zhang Xiaowei and He Fengjiao

As the Chinese Country Music, Huangmei Opera or Anhui Opera was born in villages and provincials.  Watching Lanterns is a popular theme in Anhui opera. In early days, most people could not get formal education so they were educated by folks and local operas. Couples Watching the Lanterns tells tons of legends and historical stories with dialogue singing. This program was performed by Zhang Xiaowei, the first class national actress of Anhui Opera Theater and her partner, He Fengjiao.

Burning Incense, Cantonese Opera


Performed by Yao Yan and Wu Dongmeng 

Nao in Cantonese sometimes means cursing. Cursing in the God’s Temple of Burning Incense is about Jiao Guiying telling the ungratefulness of Wangqui in the temple of Sea God. Silent Gods made her even more angry and she smashed the statue of the god and committed the suicide. It’s a masterpiece among tragedy operas and renowned overseas. As the world-class intangible cultural heritage, Cantonese operas are performed where there are Asians and especially popular in Guangdong and Guangxi. The program was performed by Yao Yan, the national first class actress from Guangxi and Wu Dongmeng, a young Cantonese actress. Excellent in singing and dancing, they are both the successors of Hong Schooled Opera and the apprentices of Qiong Xia.

Nezha Conquers the Dragon King, Chinese Allegro


Performed by Wang Wenshui

Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child was the hottest cartoon movie in 2019. It was originated from a Chinese fairytale. It is said the tale happened in Haihe of Tianjin. Tianjin Kuaiban is actually a local rapping with Tianjin dialect. Wang Wenshui, the winner of Peony Award of Chinese Opera, rapped the legend of Nezha fighting the dragon king of East Sea with Kuaiban.

Flame Horse, Shanxi Opera


Performed by Hou Hongqin and Du Lingmin

Li Fanggui, Shanxi playwright of Qing Dynasty wrote ten legendary plays which were popular for over 200 years. Flame Horse was originally a Huayinwanwan shadow play, later altered to Qinqiang and then absorbed into other plays. The story tells the twists and turns of the engagement of Li Yangui, the son of the assistant Minister of War and Huang Guiying, the daughter of the assistant Minister of Rites. Flame Horse helped to pass messengers in this play and his owner was as a grateful gentle who willing to help others in need. The program was performed by Hou Hongqin, the national first class actress and the winner of Wintersweet Award of Chinese Opera and Du Lingming, a young Dan actress.

Monkeys Celebrating the Spring, Jinhua Opera



Performed by
Wang Weixuan, Wang Mingming, Wang Ruifeng, Liu Jie
Duan Sanbao, Jiang Kuo, Wu Hao, Xiang Xuezhe, Liu Ze’en

There are always monkey plays when talking about Nao such as Uproar in Heaven, Uproar in Dragon Palace and Uproar in Hell. Monkeys plays are quite unique in Zhejiang. Monkey King Fighting the Skeleton Monster Three Times, Shaoxing Opera was once famous overseas. The program was presented in Wu Opera (Jinhua Opera) by artists from Jinhua Opera Troupe. Monkey King and his monkey arms showed us the acrobatics and martial arts of swords, sticks and machetes. The classical Jinhua martial play gained tons of compliments. 


See You Next Year


Photos by Yu Weihua
From Shanghai Opera Radio

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