2020 Shanghai Radio Festival The Happy Ending of 2nd Chenshan Natural Life Festival Upgraded Art Experience for Families and Innovative Education Modes of Classic Music

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Classical 947 Chenshan Natural Life Festival, one of 2020 Shanghai Radio Festival events, held by Classical 947 of Radio Shanghai and Chenshan Botanical Garden, is coming to an end on Oct 8th.

During 8-day holiday, over 200 thousand tourists attended the event. As the largest-scaled outdoor art festival in Shanghai, there were 16 musical shows, 32 art bootcamps, 16 performances, car owners’ market and food market, leaving a deep impression on tourists. Classical 947 keeps innovating new  educational modes for Classical Music.


Art Bootcamp Bonding Parents and Kids
As the highlight of the event, our art bootcamp has attracted over 10000 people, covering music, theater, dance and other cultural and art categories.


The relationship between parents and kids is stressed in our art bootcamp, which is quite different from most art training courses or workshops. We emphasize the interactions between parents and kids in almost every parts, such as theatrical performance workshop, intros to classical music, Classical 947 Children’s Multimedia Music Lessons, Classical 947 Harmonica Lessons, Children’s Song workshop, etc.


In theatrical performance workshop, parents and kids learnt the born of the theater together. They talked about performance tricks and even some deep thoughts.
Some parents said they saw their kids expressed another character in this process, making them understand their kids more. Children also got the opportunity to share the joy of art with their parents. Some kids tended to be more outgoing after the bootcamp. They were willing to present themselves on stage after a series of interactions and activities. You can find that art can indeed open one’s mind


The art experience of Chenshan Natural Festival focused on experiencing and feeling instead of teaching. Families participated the events together. Some grown-ups had lots fun on-site.
Our event planners made tons of researched to innovate and optimize. Classical 947 applied total process management in this event. Our team collaborated closely with other partners to evaluate and adjust multiple times so that we could present better experience even it took more efforts.
We got many thank notes in Classical 947 official wechat and we felt great that you appreciated Chenshan Life Festival and you had a wonderful holiday.

Excellent Performances on Every Stage
Floral Stage was still the main stage this year. Student from Classical 947 Harmonica Bootcamp performed on Floral Stage.


Classical 947 Harmonica Bootcamp began in August in Radio Mansion. Different aged students had been learning harmonica for 2 months. They became familiar with the instrument under the great instructions.



Parents and kids learning the same instrument together strengthen the bond of families. The similar mode was applied in other activities in the bootcamp. 


We valued the integration of the programs this year. Full Star Children Modern Choir and R.J Jazz Music Group presented a universal music tour on Floral Stage. Musicians such as Chang Shilei, Tian Gu, Jin Chengzhi absorbed different cultural elements and composed some original songs to introduce the world to kids with choirs and songs. Classical 947 made sure every kids and teams can present their potentials on stage. There were so many beautiful songs such us One Day, a French styled waltz or Curry Curry, a Indian flavored song with Shubho in his traditional outfit and Wang Lei, with sitar and table.


Made of thousands of excellent young musicians, Shanghai Youth Philharmonic Orchestra is quite famous in China and overseas. Most of them are college and high school students with talents and skills. This orchestra is not only the cradle of Philharmonic teenage education but also the communication platform of international music and arts. They demonstrate the music educational result of Shanghai perfectly.
As the innovative part of Chenshan Natural Life Festival, Classical 947 Planet Stage gave us lots of surprises. 17 talents selected by Classical 947 performed on the stage to share their music dreams and the power in music and art. Ye Xiaozhou played I Love You, China with violin. The soprano song war altered with violin techniques out door, presenting the beauty of the harmony in nature. Cui Yinping, a saxophone player majored in travelling and graduated from Shanghai Normal University, gave up his job to chase after his music dream. He was not a professional musician yet he kept following his dream. Niu Zimo, Guo Siyu, Fan Yujia and other little musical performers all had a dream to perform on a bigger stage one day. They are the audience of Classical 947 and among the millions planets. They are passionate about performance and they are unique. Planet Stage gathered them together to sing for their dreams.


The markets of this year were quite popular. People drove here and open their trunk to sell cultural and art related products.


The mobile markets were built on smart cars, which was popular in dozens of business areas in Shanghai. Tourist could experience art and technology here. Food markets attracted many people to taste delicious cuisines in nature.


Classical 947 Chenshan Natural Life Festival of this year was a sign of transformation of Classical 947. We aims to build a new development mode with online programs, on-site events, content products, social resources and new media to satify multi-cultural needs and sever our audience better. 

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