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Ajmide is a radio application by which you can interact with radio presenters online. By now, it has built cooperative relations with thousands of radio stations across the country.

With this App, you can listen to the radio program online and interact with your favorite host when the show is live. And maybe you would be replied by the host.

After registering as followers of a specific program, you can participate in various offline activities initiated by that program group and get various bonus.

Subscribe to your favorite programs, and you can receive notifications when the live is on.

You can play back any program on demand with the option of the Audiovisual Library (Yin Xiang Guan).

If you are interested in music, there are hundreds of popular music programs : Erc chinese Top Ten, Loveradio, The Color of Music, Sing Along, Jia & Tao and so on.

If you are interested in finance and investment, there are all kinds of financial and economic radio programs: including the Stock Market, Investment and Financial Management,Early News in Jiangxi, On The Road, Dong & Wu,Securities Todayand so on.

Or you are concerned about the latest news around the world?There are all kinds of news programs as well: DongGuang News Radio、E-era、Live in Lanzhou、Gansu News、Hainan News.

Have troubles in life? You can turn to the civic radio programs to look for help, there are Civic Hot Line、946 Program of People’s Livelihood、Citizens & Society、MinShen365、Work Together、Main Lines、HuangYan Onlineand so on.

Car owners can listen to Happy Evening Peak, 1078 After Work, Let’s have fun!, Urban Early Bus, Good Time, ZhenYu Shuo JiaoTong and other programs, and you can get the real-time road information.

If you want to know the second-hand car trading information and the latest licensing information, there are hundreds of national high-quality professional car programs gathering here: Wang Lei the Car Manager, 930 Car Life Hall, CheWuFeiYang, Dong Tao Talking About Car and With You.

To get tips on keeping healthy, you can listen to: Live to 100 Years Old(活到100岁), Four Seasons, Keep Healthy, 985 Health Museum, Let’s Keep Healthy, BangHua Health Guide, Air Hospital and other health programs. These programs can provide a full range of information about keeping healthy.

Encountered affection problems? The radio host can help you to solve them. We have: Night Talk, LanShan Talk, Talk With You, To the Dawn, Love at Night, 970 Slow Life Time and other well-known programs you listen to.

If you are seeking about legal advice on complaints of goods and services, we have HaiBuo Hot Line, Just Always Works, Liao Shen Lawyer, Wang Yan Hot Line, Police Helping You, ZhengFeng XingFeng Hot Line, Face to Face and many other programs. And, the host will offer aids for you with their professional knowledge and influence.

There are also many audio-book radio programs, such as: Serial Broadcasting of Novels, Listening to the World, Zhou Chong's Revelation, Dream Snow Theater, 91.8 Wang Hui's Story Telling, Yuan Bang's Lecture, Listening to Sinology, LeiMing Talk About the Case and so on. You’re able to listen to suspense, criminal investigation, emotion, history, sinology stories free of charge.

We have all kinds of wonderful radio programs. Download Ajmide, and you’ll love it!


In August 2018, the East Radio Center (ERC) launched its flagship product " HuaXiaZi FM" APP for broadcasting news and media. With the product feature of "attracting the audience with the first sound", the APP aggregated original contents of Shanghai broadcasting news and became a unified distribution platform on the mobile Internet, significantly enhancing the communication power and influence of Shanghai broadcasting on the Internet.

HuaXiaZi FM will take short audio and short videos as the main content, take and video live broadcast, "podcast" introduction as the feature programs.

The HuaXiaZi FM news client and the entire new media communication matrix of HuaXiaZi will significantly increase the content output strength of Shanghai radio news on the mobile Internet end, and online broadcast of more high-quality content can expand the transmission power and influence in a manner suitable for the mobile end.